2015 Season Photo Recap

My 2015 season has been a rough one, with two broken collar bones and 2 concussions I missed out on most of summer season. Even though I wasn’t riding, I still was at every race and took some pictures and had a good time. Take a look at some favorites from this year.

cypress march 28

Starting the year off right, training laps at Cypress.


First race of the year, Race The Ranch and got 2nd place and only .4 seconds off of first.


Port Angeles Pro GRT. Another 2nd place.


Riding the park, dialling in my whips in hopes to get into the 2015 Whip Off World Champs.


Port Angeles round 2 and managed to take the win this time.

Screenshot 2015-05-27 23.55.20 (1)

Throwing mad whips became a normal thing.



Later that day a nasty crash resulted in a broken collar bone. Unfortunately I did this twice in a row along with a bad concussion and it kept me out for two and a half months.


Being at all the races and not riding, I decided to pick up the camera and take a go at photography.


Pretty cool picture of Steve Smith at Nationals in Sun Peaks.



First race back after 3 months off the bike and it was very muddy.


Put together a decent run at Kicking Horse and finished 3rd, cant be to disappointed about that.


After I got back from Kicking Horse I started filming with a local guy to put together a edit in hopes of getting invited into the 2015 Crankworx Whip Off World Champs.



The day was going great until I had a slip up, crashed and concussed myself once again and was not able to ride or race during Crankworx.











I was able to recover in time for the BC Cup finals in Fernie.


A massive storm rolled in and turned track from dusty to pure mud just before we all dropped in. I still managed to take the win by 24 seconds with a decent run. Good way to end a very disappointing season.




I couldn’t have done it without the support from C4 Rider Training, Obsession Bikes and GT bikes




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Injury Update Pt. 3

After coming back and racing Kicking Horse I had a couple weeks before Crankworx. This was good because I was hoping to get invited into the Crankworx Whip Off World Champs. The way I planned on getting invited was to make a killer video showing my skills. So I went up to Whistler with a filmer buddy and started throwing down some sick whips for the camera. It was about half way though the day and I on one jump. I had a section of my shorts catch on my handlebars while I was in the air completely sideways. This made me land sideways and hit the ground hard and my head took most of the force. This resulted in my second concussion this year. I will be missing Crankworx and will be taking it easy until the last race of the year in Fernie.





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First Race Back

I am so stoked to be back after my multiple injuries that kept me out for half the summer. It has been so hard not riding but now I can. It is time for the BC Western Open in Kicking Horse. It is one of the gnarliest courses to come into after not riding for almost 3 months but I thought I could do it. On the Friday everything was tacky, fast and running really well. Saturday came around and brought a storm with it. A downpour mixed with high winds and temperatures of 3 degrees at the top made it extremely painfull and difficult to ride. I only did two runs that day and gave up. the course was more slippery then anything I had ridden and pure mud in most places. The weather didn’t change much for race day but we just had to deal with it. Everybody had a hard time and with the conditions of the course all the times were very different. I ended up in 3rd but a long way back from 1st. Even though my time was very far from 1st I felt good because it was my first time riding in almost 3 months.






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Injury Update Pt. 2

With my fist collar bone break I was very disappointed but didn’t miss any races. This time though, I will be missing a large amount of the races that I was hoping to go to and compete. I once again broke my collar bone and also have gotten a very serious concussion. It all happened at the my fist race back in Whistler as part of the BC Cup. I do not remember anything from the day but apparently I crashed going off a jump wrong, trying to whip and landed sideways. I will be out once a again for a month and a half witch is a massive disappointment but thats just the way it goes sometimes.

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Injury Update

Unfortunately things have just taken a turn for the worse. This season was going good but I have just fractured my collar bone and will be out for a month and a half. This happened in the Whistler Bike Park when I went into a section of trail too fast and wasn’t’ able to keep a line and clipped a tree witch sent me into a rock wall. Although there are no races in the near future I had big plans for this month, including filming, training, riding and preparing for the busy summer full of races. Hopefully I will be able to get back in time for the next Bc Cup in Whistler and that is what I am going to be shooting for. IMG_3059

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Port Angeles Round 2

There was another race in Port Angeles as a part of the North West Cup. Same place, different coures and different riders. Friday was a pretty wet day, it had just rained the night before and the dirt got real slick. I was trying to ride clips but after a few laps I decided to go back to flats just for the confidence it gave me. This paid off as I felt faster than ever and was smashing everything as hard as possible and still felt like I could go faster. Over the next couple days the course got a slightly dryer but was still greasy. I didn’t mind it and loved every lap. In my  race run I went hard and slid out on one corner but didn’t go down. I peddled hard and came down in fist place over 9 seconds faster then 2nd. IMG_3053

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Port Angeles Pro GRT

Last weekend I went down to the United States to hit up a race in Port Angeles Washington that was part of the North West Cup, and the Pro GRT series. It was a big race with stacked categories, there were almost 50 people in my category witch was pretty intimidating. I hit the course hard on Friday and got as many good practice laps in as I could. The course was running fast and I felt pretty good. Saturday went about the same I was looking forward to the race the next day. Sunday morning, with the race only a few hours away I took my time, warmed up, got into the zone and had a good practice lap. My race run went pretty well, didn’t have many big mistakes, didn’t get too tired and ended up placing 2nd only a couple seconds off first. 11188494_10153187171476900_420331663433354511_n

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Race The Ranch

First race of the year, Race The Ranch in Kamloops BC. This was the first race of the year and surprisingly early but still had summer conditions out there. The weekend started out pretty good but since Kamloops didn’t have any rain recently things got dusty and loose. Practice went well and I got my lines down and felt pretty confident. I didn’t have any major problems and was pumped for the race. Everything was good on Sunday morning but when the first racers were dropping in, the wind picked up big time. The course is very out in the open and with no trees to shelter you, the wind slows you down a lot. When I went to drop in the wind blew me over in the start gate so I didn’t start well but kept going. I wasn’t able to hit all my big lines with the wind slowing me down and was pretty frustrated. When I got to the bottom I was sitting in 2nd place, only .4 seconds off of first. I held that Position and was happy with the result.


Race the Ranch, BC DH Cup #1, Kamloops, BC.

To say It was dusty is a understatement.


Keeping my eye on the prize during the race.


Happy to stand on the podium with a couple of my buddies after a safe race ending with a 2nd place.

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Fernie Race Pictures

The last race of the season was in Fernie BC last weekend and it was the best course out of the whole series. It was steep, loamy, fast and a lot of fun. Sadly things didn’t go my way and I finished 6th. I have to give credit to the people at Raven Eye Photography for these cool pictures.


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1st Race Win

I managed to take 1st place in my category at the Canada Cup #2 in panorama this past weekend. I didn’t have a very good run but still was ahed by 8 seconds in the end. It was a great race and hope to duplicate the result at the next one.



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